Depth-of-Field, Your Creative Tool

Depth-of-Field – Your Creative Tool The creative use of Depth-of-Field (DOF) has been a journey of discovery, wonder and artistic joy for me my entire photographic career. Even now, after many years of working with film, then digital cameras, it never ceases to amaze me what a huge difference the choice of how to use […]

Three Steps to Sharper Photos

These three steps result in sharper photosAre your digital photos not as sharp as you’d like? Have you wondered why? Let’s consider the three most common causes. Poor focus Subject movement Camera shake Poor focus. Take an extra second or two to check that the emphasis of the camera’s auto-focus is on the subject. Sometimes […]

Resolution And Digital Photography

How important is resolution to digital photography? How many megapixels is enough? An article on “The New Camera” website titled, Megapixel Monsters Coming in 2015 discusses the new Canon and Nikon 46 megapixel sensors that are expected this year. Sigma first introduced its SD-1 flagship camera with a 46 megapixel image sensor in 2010. (4800 […]

The Importance of Composition in Digital Photography

What makes an image memorable? Sharpness? Exposure? Capturing the moment? All these may be important to the success of your photo but there is one thing that sets a great photo apart from the rest—composition. In layman’s terms that means • Don’t drop your main subject into the middle of the frame. Instead, use the […]

The Peel Watershed – Frack It Or Leave It

Antagonists in the confrontation in Yukon over the Peel Watershed are polarized between protecting the environment and creating economic opportunity. The Peel Watershed is not only a pristine wilderness; it is potentially rich in fossil fuels that could be extracted using a hotly disputed method.