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Can You Afford One Sleepless Night? Whitehorse Nuit Blanche Is The Reason To Do It

If you want to immerse in the works of art, then you need more than 1-2 hours or at least a night. Whitehorse Nuit Blanche 2016 is happening this weekend to give you a full night of artistic experience where you will see 10 diverse Yukon and international visual, dance, music, and theatre artists enchant Whitehorse with new performance, multi-disciplinary, participatory, and site-specific works.

Whitehorse Nuit Blanche or also known as WNB is happening on Solstice weekend. The event will start at 7 PM on Saturday (June 18) and end on Sunday at 7 AM. A free breakfast will be served at 11am Sunday, June 19 at l’AFY.

For full schedule, maps, and tickets, please go to

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Magnetic North Theatre Festival Brings Entertainment, Excitement, and Talent

Canada’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival 2016 is finally here in Whitehorse. It is a great mingle of local and national artists. The festival has planned many 10-day long events which include:-

Legend Has It
(Spontaneous Theatre (Toronto/Calgary). Co-presented by Yukon Arts Centre)

Pop-Up Love Party
(Zuppa Theatre Co., Halifax)

We Are Not Alone
(A 2b theatre company (Halifax) Production. Created by Crow’s Theatre and Segal Centre for Performing Arts)

Theatre in the Bush
(Ramshackle Theatre, Whitehorse)

LANDLINE: Whitehorse to Ottawa
(xosecret, Secret Theatre, Halifax)

Concord Floral
(Suburban Beast, Toronto)

Prophecy Fog
(Paper Canoe Projects, Toronto)

Town Criers
(Theatre Replacement, Vancouver. Co-presented by Yukon Arts Centre)

My Brain Is Plastic
(Whitehorse Independent Theatre, Whitehorse)

Dogtown: the Musical
(Nakai Theatre and Yukon Circus Society, Whitehorse)

Map of the Land, Map of the Stars
(Gwaandak Theatre, Whitehorse)

Tomboy Survival Guide
(Ivan Coyote, Whitehorse. Presented by Yukon Arts Centre.)

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NDP – Yukon will select its federal candidate for Yukon on July 7th

NDP Nomination candidates André Bourcier and Melissa Atkinson

Whitehorse (June 4, 2015) – The NDP’s federal riding association for Yukon has announced that its members will assemble on Tuesday, July 7th to choose their candidate for the upcoming federal campaign. Candidates André Bourcier and Melissa Atkinson both launched their campaigns this month; Yukoners with active memberships as of Sunday, June 7th will be eligible to vote in the nomination campaign.

André Bourcier
André Bourcier | Photo: Submitted

“A contested nomination between two high calibre candidates is a strong sign that Yukoners are looking for a change,” said Yukon riding association president Dan Bader. “I am so excited to watch André and Melissa show Yukoners what kind of candidate they would be over the coming weeks.”

Melissa Atkinson
Melissa Atkinson | Photo: Submitted

The NDP-Yukon media-release related to this announcement said, “NDP leader Tom Mulcair is running on a platform of affordability and progressive steps to make life better for Yukoners. From more affordable, $15-a-day child care to a national inquiry on missing and murdered Aboriginal women to repealing Bill C-51 and the non-negotiated clauses in Bill S-6, an NDP government would turn the page on decades of Liberal and Conservative inaction”.

“Neither the Liberal nor the Conservative candidates represent the change Yukoners want to see in Ottawa, added Bader. “Yukoners have a choice in the upcoming federal campaign – and under Tom Mulcair and the NDP, we have the chance to make positive change in Ottawa.”