Depth-of-Field, Your Creative Tool

Depth-of-Field – Your Creative Tool The creative use of Depth-of-Field (DOF) has been a journey of discovery, wonder and artistic joy for me my entire photographic career. Even now, after many years of working with film, then digital cameras, it never ceases to amaze me what a huge difference the choice of how to use […]

The Adventures of The Audrey Eleanor- Part 14

Follow The North Star …she attempted to tie herself to a wall in the rolling galley. The thought of leaving Shearwater by sea is too traumatic.  If I am jumping ship this is my last chance to do so. Shearwater is located on Denny Island across the water from Bella Bella, a native seaside community […]

The Adventures of The Audrey Eleanor- Part 13

Ivory Island In the previous adventure; the Audrey Eleanor and crew take a beating while trying to creep undetected past the furies and Mother Nature into Milbanke Sound and through Reid Channel.  They manage to escape after 20-foot seas threaten to roll them side over side and dredge them into the ocean floor: It is […]