Yukon Eighth Grader Published Her Second Book And Writing Many More

Ursula Westfall is a Yukon 8th grade student with a very bright future ahead. She’s co-written two books with her mother Rachel Westfall and has plans for many more. The Westfall ladies are a Whitehorse-based daughter-and-mother team. They’ve successfully collaborated on their second published work, which is the book, A Trail of Dreams. This work […]

A twelve years old writer and already writing 5 books – A literary dialogue with Ursula and her mother Rachel Westfall

Ursula is a twelve years old published writer. She has a passion for writing and is already working on 4-5 books. Ursula’s mother Rachel Westfall is also a writer and an avid fiction reader. Mother and daughter were going on walks through the forest in the evenings, they were trading thoughts back and forth, many characters were being evolved, […]

Interview – Over a cup of coffee with Ben Sanders

I met Ben Sanders at the StarBucks to talk about his recent announcement of jumping into the race of the Liberal nomination. Here is the dialogue that unfolded over a cup of coffee: Gurdeep Pandher YT: How did the idea of jumping into Liberal nomination get started? BS: Well, I used to work in the […]

An Interview with Damien Tremblay who wrote a book on Yukon’s remoteness

Damien Tremblay’s book entitled Yukon Dreams studies Yukon’s remote areas. In an interview with Gurdeep Pandher, he tells more about his book. YT: Thank you so much Damien for coming to this interview! DT: Thanks to you! YT: Why did you write this book? I mean what inspired you to write this book? DT: Well […]