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Photo: Fireweed, the official Yukon flower on a sunny day!

Fireweed, the official Yukon flower on a sunny day | Photo: Gurdeep Pandher

Fireweed was adopted as the official Yukon flower on March 27, 1957.  This purple flower grows along Yukon roadsides, river bars and clearings from mid-July to September. The fireweed is a tall plant with many small, purple, and some dark pink flowers.

8 thoughts on “Photo: Fireweed, the official Yukon flower on a sunny day!

  1. Fireweed is my absolute favorite flower. I was happy to see that even here in Prince George we have some.

  2. My favorite wild flower, planted some here for next spring..just lovely

  3. They say when all flowers gone on it winter is close

  4. Yukon? that’s bull go to Inuvik NT!! mr fancy photographer!

  5. I bought seeds and planted them have no idea what they look lik e when first come up? Help from Sask.

  6. I just love this flower. Appropriate name too as it makes fire ridden land come to life again.

  7. It’s the official flower even on a rainy day … ha ha. Nice pic, and the pole pasture fence gives it a nice context.

  8. Wow thank me for sharing I got a chance to check it out there an its very nice there da flower an ever think I love taking pix in da winter time.

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