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Sunset at Tagish, Yukon, Canada.

Sunset at Tagish, Yukon, Canada. Photo submitted by: Kit Logan Wells

Tagish is a small community in the Yukon, Canada. It is about 30 kilometers east of Carcross, Yukon on the Tagish Road at the northern end of Tagish Lake.

In 1898, the gold seekers of the Klondike Gold Rush travelled from all over the world to Dawson City through the heart of Tagish.

8 thoughts on “Sunset at Tagish, Yukon, Canada.

  1. Nice photo bud, got some skillz with the camera!! Getting er all figured out i see.

  2. I just stopped on the bridge and snapped it

  3. tagish Marina, John Potts used too own thhis in the late 80s

  4. Looks like it was taken off the bridge

  5. Gorgeous! Wondering if this was taken at Tagish River?

    1. the marina i think

    2. Six Mile River in Tagish

    3. Ok thanks–Marina makes sense & looks right!

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